Outfit 1.9 Black is Back

It is no secret that I love black. I’m pretty sure I am not capable of wearing an outfit that does not have at least one piece of black clothing in it, and let’s get real, it’s rare for me to wear an outfit that has even one piece of NON-black clothing in it (NO SHAME IN THAT GAME).

I love this though! These oxfords instantly make any outfit look business professional, especially when paired with a button up. This is also one of my more “masculine” looks (that sweater is from the men’s section of Macy’s and I loooove it!), which I am still struggling to get a hang of at work, but love when I can actually make it look good.

How do y’all manage to wear more masculine attire to work without having to wear a suit and tie every day?!

Shirt: LOFT

Sweater: GAP (similar)

Pants: Madewell

Shoes: Banana Republic

Photo credit: Elly Tier